The age old temples of Jaugram

These temples situated at Jaugram, Burdwan (West Bengal, India) were built around 400 years ago by zamindars of the Singha Roy Clan (they were the direct descendants of Raja Man Singh of Amber which is now known as Jaipur). The temples are a work of great artistry, which is quite evident from the beautiful murals … Continue reading The age old temples of Jaugram


East Kolkata Wetlands

The East Kolkata Wetlands (EKW) comprise a large number of water bodies located in the districts of 24 Parganas North & South. It is situated between 22°25' to 22°40' N and 88°20' to 88°35' E and adjacent to the eastern part of Kolkata bordering the Salt Lake township on the one hand and the upcoming … Continue reading East Kolkata Wetlands