Birds of Central Park (Salt lake, Kolkata)

Central Park (Kolkata) situated at Bidhannagar is the second largest open space of kolkata after maidan.
Kolkata is one such city that houses a good variety of birds even after being one of the most busiest cities of India,ย and this place is the perfect example to it !

Here are some pictures from my last visit to Salt Lake Central Park (Kolkata).
We stayed there for about an hour and were able to spot 16 different species of birds.
Checklist :

  1. Blue Throated Barbet
  2. Indian Cormorant
  3. Little Egret
  4. White breasted Kingfisher
  5. Rufous Treepie
  6. Purple Sunbird
  7. Green Bee-eater
  8. Black-rumped flameback woodpecker
  9. Rose-ringed Parakeet
  10. Pond Heron
  11. Black Drongo
  12. Red-vented Bulbul
  13. Purple-rumped Sunbird
  14. Jungle Babbler
  15. Black-hooded oriole
  16. Yellow footed green pigeon

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