The new gang in town !

It was a lazy afternoon and young Ravi was on his roof. He was busy scattering grains and feeding the sparrows when suddenly, his neighbor yelled “Look ! There’s the new gang!”. Ravi quickly looked around and saw something that he had never seen before. Right in front of his eyes were the “Hanumans of Kolkata”, jumping from one house to another…..

Gray Langurs (also known as Hanuman Langurs) are the most widespread Langurs in India. The entire distribution of all gray langur species stretches from the Himalayas in the north to Sri Lanka in the south, and from Bangladesh in the east to Pakistan in the west.
Apart from forests, they also inhabit various urban areas of our country and that includes even cities like Kolkata!

These Langurs are a frequent visitor in my neighborhood and can be seen almost everyday during the winters. They arrive in families of 8-10 members (sometimes even more) and spend most of their time on the rooftops.

About 2 months back I saw this family of  Gray Langurs in my neighborhood. It was raining and they had found a great place to take shelter !

Family of gray langur

A couple of days back I saw them again. This time they were here just to chill out a bit ! 😀

Three Musketeers Langur
The Boss of the family

Gray Langur India Urban

And he did !


Awareness to the next generation

Play time gray langur


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