2016 – Looking back


Image courtesy : Riddhi Mukherjee

2016 was quite a great year for me. Learnt a lot, experienced a lot and visited new places that were in my bucket list since a long time. Here are a few pictures that are associated with some of my most memorable experiences of this year:

Birding at Purbasthali

The year’s first birding was a day trip to Purbasthali. It was my first visit to this place and was really a wonderful one. Saw and photographed lots of birds and among them there were many species which I had never seen before. I was accompanied by two very good friends, Riddhi Mukherjee and Suvayu Paul in this trip. Riddhi da is an amazing photographer and this was the first time I met him in the real world!


Red-crested Pochards crossing paths


Cotton Pygmy Geese


Dooars trip

This was a photography contest plus tour, organised by Nikon and Aamar 106.2 FM. I was one of the 15 participants who were selected for this event, and it was one hell of a tour! Met some amazing people over there and enjoyed a lot. Two of my very favorite photographers and good friends, Sourav Mondal and Rupak Ghosh Dastidar were also there in this trip and it was really great meeting them!

Night of the Crescent Moon – Brown Hawk Owl


Gaur/Indian Bison, at Gorumara National Park

The trip to Tadoba

2015 gave me my first Tiger Sighting, and 2016 gave me my first Leopard! What can be better than this? My long time wish of seeing a Leopard in the wild came true during this trip, it was an absolutely unexpected sighting. But, this trip was not just about the leopard, it was also about the many spectacular wildlife moments that I came across over there.

A tender moment between Tigress Maya and her cub


Leopard Queen on the prowl


Dudhwa National Park – Canon Wild Clicks Season 6

This was one of the most eventful trip…it was a live Wildlife Photography contest organised by Nature Wanderers, Canon India and Uttar Pradesh Tourism. Got to meet many wonderful photographers over here, made some new friends and it was almost like a dream come true to meet and learn from some of the stalwarts of Indian Wildlife Photography. And also met Agniprava Nath after a long time, he’s a partner in crime from the good’ol days and an absolutely brilliant photographer. You can check out his work over here.

Woolly Necked Stork flying over a field of wild sugarcane


Soul of the winter woods – A spotted deer stag, on a cold and misty morning


I was fortunate to spend a good amount of time in exploring the beautiful mangroves of Sunderban National Park this year. All thanks to Shuvarthi Guha for giving me the opportunity to work at Way 2 Wild (a Wildlife Tourism company based in Kolkata) as a Photo mentor and Tour leader. We have teamed up with Riddhi Mukherjee as well and hope to achieve many more goals in 2017!
Here are two of my most memorable encounters from the mangroves.

Peregrine Falcon – The fastest living creature on Earth!


Irrawaddy Dolphins


From exploring new places to crossing new milestones, 2016 was a very exciting year for me. Let’s see what Twenty seventeen has got in store!


Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!


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