Wildlings of Assam!

This year in late February, I visited Manas and Kaziranga National Park of Assam – both of these places were in my wishlist since a long time. The first day of the trip was at Manas. One full-day safari in this forest gave us some really good sightings of  Asiatic Elephants, Wild Water Buffaloes, Barking deer, Crab-eating Mongoose, One-horned Rhino, Capped Langur, Malayan Giant Squirrel, Himalayan Two-Striped Squirrel and many birds including the critically endangered Bengal Florican.

The next 3 days were spent at Kaziranga National Park – The land of the big fives! We got some spectacular sightings along with amazing photography opportunities of four of the “Big Fives” –  Asiatic Elephant, One-Horned Rhino, Wild Water Buffalo and Eastern Swamp Deer. Birding and other animal sightings were also great!

We at Way2Wild will be launching photography tours to a couple of new destinations this year, and Kaziranga and Manas are going to be two of them. Do join us if you wish to explore these two very unique and enchanting forests of North-East India. We’ll be announcing the tour dates soon, so stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for the updates.

Here are a few images that I made during this trip. Hope you all will like them, cheers!



An Indian Peafowl making a vibrant leap!  –  Manas National Park


When the Yamraj stands right infront of you! A wild Asiatic Water Buffalo, at Manas National Park



Grey Headed Fish Eagle | Kaziranga National Park


A cute (not so) little elephant calf, crossing the forest road | Manas National Park


Two of the largest land animals of Asia and a fisher with spectacular dedication! Asiatic Elephants and an Oriental Darter making a catch | Kaziranga National Park


Bengal Florican foraging in the grassland at Manas National Park. This bird is a critically endangered species in the IUCN Red List


An adult One-Horned Rhinoceros waking up after a nap!
Kaziranga National Park


The mighty Pallas’s fish eagle scanning the river for its prey | Kaziranga National Park


A tusker walking through the dense canopy | Kaziranga National Park


Capped Langur with eyes full of curiosity | Manas National Park


Elephant walking through the meadow | Manas National Park


Eastern Swamp Deer | Kaziranga National Park


Smooth Coated Otters, busy drying their smooth coats after getting out of the water!
Kaziranga National Park


A Great Hornbill tossing a berry!
Kaziranga National Park


Assam Roofed Turtles basking on a log
Kaziranga National Park


Two of the big fives came face to face!
A wild Water Buffalo and a one-horned Rhinoceros.
Kaziranga National Park



The gorgeous Emerald Dove
Kaziranga National Park


A typical Rhinoscape from Kaziranga

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