A tribute to the Gentle Giants

The elephants created this jungle. Where they’ve made furrows with their tusks, the rivers ran. Where they blew with their trunks, the leaves fell. They made all that belongs. The mountains, the trees, the birds in the tree ~ Jungle Book

This majestic god of the forest is one of the most precious natural heritages of India. They are a part of the ancient culture and mythology. Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed God of wisdom, is probably the most worshiped Hindu deity in the country today. Their close association with the religious culture have earned them huge respect from people all around the country.  But even after all these, they are now an endangered species because of the continuous habitat loss, poaching and man-animal conflicts. On this occasion of #WorldElephantDay let us stand together in raising awareness for this godly creature and do our bit in saving them.

Here’s a collection of some of my favorite elephant photographs that I’d like to share as a tribute to these Gentle Giants.

Gajapati – Portait of an Asiatic Elephant
Elephant_Manas National Park_World Elephant Day_Swaroop Singha Roy
Gentle giant of the meadows!
Elephant_Dust_Bath_Corbett__World Elephant Day_Swaroop Singha Roy
Brewing a storm
Elephant_Kaziranga National Park__World Elephant Day_Swaroop Singha Roy
A Tusker walking through a palm forest at Kaziranga National Park
Elephant_Corbett_Cannabis__World Elephant Day_Swaroop Singha Roy
The red-eared tusker of Corbett, emerging from a dense shrub of cannabis 
Elephant_Dhikala_Rain_Corbett__World Elephant Day_Swaroop Singha Roy
When Airavat stepped on earth!
This was one of the most brilliant sightings of a tusker at the grassland of Dhikala. The dark clouds and the play of light and shadow throughout the entire place made the scene look extremely dramatic. And the virga near the hills made it look as if Airavat himself had stepped on earth to bring the clouds under control! 
Elephant_Dhikala_Corbett__World Elephant Day_Swaroop Singha Roy
A lone tusker at the grassland of Dhikala, Corbett
Love of the pachyderms – Elephants mating at the Dhikala grassland

Elephant_Corbett_Dhikala__World Elephant Day_Swaroop Singha Roy




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