A look back at 2017 – My favourite images

From re-visiting Corbett after 9 long years to shooting some of my favorite macro images, 2017 was all in all a great year for me! I was able to achieve quite a few milestones in this past year, and now looking forward to some new goals in the coming new year. Thanks a lot to all of you for the support and motivation!

Here are 17 of my favorite images from 2017 and a lot of them are associated with some of my most memorable moments of the year.


A Delicate Wave

Photographing the small world has always been a great learning experience. Macro photography helped me understand light and honed my composition skills. I believe that this genre is responsible for most of the improvement I’ve had as a photographer.
Previously almost all my macro images were shot using a 50mm f/1.8 along with a set of manual extension tubes, but in mid-2017 I was finally able to buy a dedicated macro lens. It was a Tamron 90mm Di LD VC Macro (Gen 1). The 50mm and extension tube combo restricted me to extreme close-ups and I didn’t like that anymore.  This was when the Tammy came to the rescue! It opened up many creative avenues and I was able to experiment a lot more with compositions.

Realm of an ambush hunter


Wings of fire


Fireflies in a Dragonland! – This happened to be one of my most popular images on Instagram and Facebook


Ghost of the small world


Claws of the Bogeyman! – A lynx spider behind an adenium leaf.


Visit to Corbett National Park 

I was finally able to re-visit this magical land after 9 long years, it was a photography tour of Way 2 Wild.  This was where it all started for me and I was bit by the wildlife and photography bug in 2008! The major difference was that, this time I was back with a camera in hand and with a whole new vision.

Love of the pachyderm’s


Mountains of gold


Empress and The Gods – This photograph won the “Dekho Apna Desh” photo contest organised by Ministry of Tourism India, on the occasion of Paryatan Parv 2017.


Pedicure time for the Queen


Curves of Stealth


An elusive Leopard Cat from the mangroves of Sundarbans. Photographed during a customized tour of Way 2 Wild.


An Ancient Warrior – Saltwater crocodile from Sundarban National Park


Best of both worlds 

The rapidly advancing phone camera technology is a boon for many photographers. There have been many times when my phone proved to be the best tool for capturing on the go and I absolutely didn’t feel the requirement of my DSLR! Among the many images that I’ve shot on my OnePlus 3T, this one is my favorite from 2017.

A One-horned Rhino waking up! – Photographed at Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga and Manas National Park of Assam were in my wishlist since a long time, and I finally ticked them off during February 2017. It was a fantastic trip and was surely one of the best forests I’ve ever been to. I’ll be going there once again this year!

Capped Langur from Manas National Park


Asian Water Buffalo – Manas National Park



Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year!

I regularly post my photos on Instagram, click here to follow me there and keep in touch. Cheers!



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