Land of India’s Big Fives! – Kaziranga

In February this year, I finally revisited Kaziranga. It was almost a year since my last visit to this park and this time it turned out to be even more amazing!  The tour was organised specially for Way 2 Wild crew members of Sundarbans, it was sort of a recreational excursion for them. All of them had a wonderful and memorable experience of exploring another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In this trip I was fortunate to tick off all the Big Five species that inhabits this pristine forest and it was once again proven that Kaziranga never disappoints!

Here are some of my favourite images from the trip



A Hog Deer from one of the most beautiful forest roads at Kaziranga


Portrait of a Wild Water Buffalo – a fierce member of the Big Five!


Northern Pintails at Dusk


A Great Hornbill



Grey-Headed Fish Eagle




A courting pair of Greater One-Horned Rhinos

We were at the Western Range (Bagori) for the evening safari on Day 3. The previous safari in this zone had made us quite hopeful because of the numerous alarm calls, fresh pugmarks and a glimpse of the woodland female vanishing into the woods. It was no different this time as well, the search for the striped phantom continued. After spending a good amount of time waiting near the grasslands we decided to wait near one of the lakes. I remember discussing with my team members about how I wished to see a Tiger in this setting, along with the Rhino in frame and bam! my words came true! The majestic cat appeared out of the tall grasses and swam across the lake amidst the crowd of cormorants, pelicans, mallards and a Rhino on the other bank. I know the image isn’t good enough, we were too far from the subject and did not have the option to go any closer. But this is a moment that I always wished to witness in Kaziranga and I am really glad that I finally got it. 

Two of the precious Big Fives from the land of the elephant grasses!

Greater Spotted Eagle


Brown Fish Owl



A Griffon Vulture at Dusk


Spot-billed Pelicans


Jungle Crow and a wild Water Buffalo calf – a symbiotic relationship





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